Mick's blog : March

We constantly set our sights on being a Word-Spirit-Mission church. That means we believe the Bible is the Word of God, the Holy Spirit is alive and at work in our lives, and He gives spiritual gifts to each believer for the common good, and we want to take this gospel message to those who are far from God and tell them of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We want to love God, love each other and love the lost.
Adrian Birks encouraged us recently by reminding us that God always starts small. He reminded us not to despise small beginnings. This past month has seen two such small beginnings. We were able to host Safesleep and their homeless clients in our building. And we held a very successful Family Night with over 60 people attending, including children and young people. Everyone had a great time and it was great to see and hear such a buzz around the hall. We now need to see how we can build on these initiatives. Safesleep are coming back on 16th March, and we're hoping to find ways of gathering families together again in the near future.
We start our midweek teaching and discussion series, "Jesus the Wounded Healer" on 26th Feb and I would encourage everyone to come along and engage in these series of reflections as we head towards the tumultuous event of Easter.
In all of these things we only need to continue to move forward in simple faithfulness. In Matt 25, Jesus says well done to us for being faithful in a few things and tells us that as a result, he will put us in charge of many things. Let's continue together in faith and unity, happy to play our part in small beginnings. Loving God, loving each other and loving the lost.
Blessings from Mick and Theresa.

Elaine Tovell, 03/03/2020