Working for the Poor 

In 2007, God challenged us as a church to “Raise a Standard for The Poor” in Weymouth. A standard is a Royal Flag flown to denote the residence of the King or Queen; likewise it is carried and then staked and firmly planted in the ground when a mountain is conquered; i.e. K2 or Everest; claiming the achievement on behalf of the nation in the name of the King. This was the picture received by Weymouth Family church; claiming the conquering of a mountain for The King.

The problems of the poor are indeed a mountain; they are complex, demanding a broad multiagency joined up working approach. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is part of that approach and provides the core foundation to our specific works and ministries - Good News to those who are far from it; broken and damaged by systems and relationships that have failed. Restoration, Reconciliation and Repair are outcomes of true repentance and a turning in Faith to a living and resurrected King. Broken lives changed beyond recognition, made whole, fruitful and significant are the desired outcome of any mandate to conquer the mountain of poverty in the name of the King.

Indeed God has promised us at Weymouth Family Church that He will “Raise the poor from the dust; lift the needy from the ash heap; to make them sit with nobles” [1 Samuel 2:8] and then send them to the Nations. In the process the Bible teaches us that He will provide richly in terms of resources and people. Furthermore there is a blessing on the body of believers who undertake such a work.

Our current work consists of:
  • A Saturday night “ Soup Kitchen” which provides a 3 course meal; signposting; listening; prayer; hats; gloves; warm clothing. 
  • A Summer Encounter Camp in partnership with Hope New Frontiers Church. 
  • Church members linked into secular drug referral and support agencies. 
  • CAP money management courses run through the year.