Why We Are Here

God clearly spoke to the leaders of Dorchester Family Church to plant a church into Weymouth and Portland.  In September of 2002 the prophecy became real - and a group of 30 adults and their children started the church here in a school in Westham First School, Weymouth.

We aim to demonstrate God's love for us through our outreach into the local community and beyond.

Please contact the church office or have a look at the calendar to see what's being planned for the next few months.

We ask God to guide us in all we do and we give him the glory that from those small beginnings we have a vibrant church that is growing year on year and is truly affecting the communities we are living in. God continues speaking to us about how he will build this church and this page lists just some of those prophecies.  

Our Vision
‘The picture was of a black hole’ - God is going to make you ‘dense’ with resources, blessings, skills and sound teaching and the result will be that people are literally sucked in and added to your number, unable to resist the attractiveness of the gospel and church life that you offer. I believe God will bless you with a supernatural ability to hold on to new converts and graft them effectively into the church.

A New Testament Church - Acts 
God has a calling on us to be all that the Church was in the book of Acts. That includes unprecedented blessing, growth & supernatural gospel breakthrough. As well as opposition & persecution, we fully expect both as we confidently pray & work towards God’s glorious purposes for those who love Him.

‘A Fountain with light coming out of it’ - God will make WFC a bright light that many will come & drink from.

A Vibrant Community - Acts 2:42-47
We will embrace the kind of relationships that are found in the bible and only God can produce. Different people from different backgrounds, perspectives & experiences, loving & serving one another. Constantly working together in the presence of God to amaze the world.

‘Tipping Scales’ - God is tipping the scales in many peoples lives in favour of the gospel. It will be very messy – look for a far greater out pouring of the Holy Spirit that demolishes means arguments and brings them to birth.

Reaching The Lost - Acts 2:38-39
Our passion is to see as many saved from hell as possibly. We will be courageous in our effort to reach out to & include unbelievers into the life & activities of the Church. Whilst relying fully upon the power of the gospel & the grace of God to bring them to salvation and into the Church Family.

You are not the finished article – God will add what you need as you go – You will break the chains that hold people; strongholds in people’s thinking. Releasing Christians who have never got going & unbelievers from affluence, crime and unbelief.

Making Disciples - Matt 28:19 
We have been bought at a great price and are therefore living to please Jesus Christ and not our selves. We confidently expect increasing holiness in every believer’s attitudes & lifestyle.

I saw Jesus standing in front of 4 doors with a bunch of keys in His hand. The keys were for the 4 doors and had a name on each. One was “the poor”, “the needy”, “families” & “children”. Jesus said these were keys to the kingdom and these ministries would open up opportunities in the community if they were used.

The Poor - Gal 2:10 James 1:26-27 
We will demonstrate God’s heart for those who have fallen upon hard times in many practical ways. Whilst making it clear that God’s heart is full of love for them and there is a place for them in the family of God.

God is going to raise you up and make you radiant like a Jacaranda tree. Because of the depth and quality of your relationships with one another and the love in your families, many people will be attracted to you and find Jesus for themselves in WFC.

Family Life - Acts 16:31-34 Mal 4:6
We will teach, preach, demonstrate & pray for the Kingdom of God to joyfully impact every part of family living. We will also seek for God’s prophetic blessing & favour upon the family.

Children - Matt 19:14-15
The Church must be a place where children can come and have fun, whilst being accepted, loved and taught about Jesus in a dynamic and life changing way. We will have a child protection policy to keep all children safe.
God has placed you among schools and prisons and you are about a very big thing! 1000’s!

Be prepared for favour and opportunities that I will give you.

Raising Leaders - 2 Tim 2:2
The Church will be constantly growing in number and in the ability to bless & positively affect our community. Therefore we will be constantly working to raise up leaders who will lead and plant other Churches in the UK and the nations.

In the Far East, the people plant a tree called the Chinese Bamboo. During the first 4 years, they water and fertilize the plant with seemingly little or no results. Then in the 5th year, they again apply water and fertilizer. In 5 weeks the tree grows ninety feet in height!

Growth - Gen 12:3-4
We have a promise that God made to Abraham and to his seed – the Church. That God’s purpose is to bless us and make us an increasing blessing to the whole earth. We confidently expect the supernatural power & favour of God that all people might see the Church and turn to Christ.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1 v 8